Emerson Morley

as Elsie Marchmont-Birch

Emerson Morley (16) is a Meisner trained bay-area based actress. She wrote the original story and screenplay of The Valley. She is currently attending high school in Silicon Valley, and is passionate about sharing the difficulties all students face through her acting. 


Hannah Feldman

as Gemma Roth

Hannah Feldman is also Meisner trained in acting and attends school in Silicon Valley. Her passion for acting began years ago, and she looks forward to continuing to share important stories through her craft.


Germaine Gaudet

as Rebecca Marchmont-Birch

Germaine moved to Silicon Valley from Brussels in 1997.   She saw first hand how Silicon Valley values and rewards technology education, an area that does not always understand the different ways in which we learn nor necessarily has an environment for different types of learners to strive.  


Todd Risby

as Mr. Dornan


Vishrut Chawla

as Lennon


I’ve been taking acting classes for a few years now, and this was a super fun project to be in because it introduced me to the working environment in acting and being with peers in the process. I had a lot of fun, and it was pretty cool to see the process of filming."- Vishrut


Keith Stevenson

as Mr. Bahar

"It is always a pleasure to see young people get involved with the arts and sciences of film.  Emerson, Unni and their team showed mature professionalism while going about bringing the script that she had written to life." -Keith